r1-riding-officialFor ten years Riding School Pedersoli stars as school motorcycling at all levels, able to cover the needs of the rider.

Thanks to the commitment, investment and considerable efforts, Riding School Pedersoli is now a leader in the industry, with important names and numbers and, consequently, great feedback from customers.
Riding School Pedersoli counts on entitlement FMI Italian Motorcycle Federation and the support of technical partners of the foreground as Yamaha, Dunlop, Nolan Group, TCX and Arlen Ness.
Riding School Pedersoli is a company that operates in the motorcycle industry since 2005, founded by Luca Pedersoli, pilot and tester in activities with many experiences in various categories, including the Superbike World Championship and the Civ.



Born as a permanent official of the school ‘Autodromo di Franciacorta, where courses are held regularly riding bikes for all levels and needs: the neophyte, the rider of the road in search of safety, the sportsman who wants to refine the technique driving on the track, to the pilot with the aim to improve its performance in the race.

To offer this service, the school has always worked with instructors of the highest standard, some with international experience, as technicians federal Cristiano Improved and Marco Borciani, strong militancy important respectively in MotoGP and Superbike (both Italian champions SuperSport and Superbike). The other very qualified instructors, many of whom are currently pilots protagonists in the CIV (including Ivan Goi, Italian Superbike Champion 2014, Italian champion Luca Conforti SuperStock, Diego Giugovaz sample Italian SuperSport) or in the World Cup SuperStock as Federico Sandi, Stefano casalotti and Luca Salvadori or even the World Superbike as Niccolò Canepa or by SuperSport as Massimo Roccoli.
They are joined by the group instructors specialized in safe driving courses and basic levels: in all cases, these drivers or tester-professional journalists.
Over the years the business has evolved founding Lucapedersoligroup extend the action to other national and international racetracks.
Imposing the logistics and the technical equipment of the Group, with a fleet of more than 20 motorcycle units over the equipment of security available to customers. The organization, in all the days of activities, is curated by Luca Pedersoli maniacally that uses, as always, qualified staff for the welcome, support and technical assistance to customers, without leaving anything to chance, both in terms of safety and courtesy. The technical partnership with leading companies in the motorcycle sector and technical equipment provides a service to the top.
Other activities of the group, in addition to the Riding School, are organizing free practice at the new bikes exclusively Autodromo Di Franciacorta, the DSR “Dynamic Safety Riding” that organizes events (this year ‘s management Test Ride the new scooter Yamaha Tricity to ‘EICMA) and collaboration with, company dedicated to motorsport in rapid growth of users.


Phone: +39 030 71 46 091
Mobile: +39 346 36 29 971