Dear Federica, dear Raffaella,

we are back now in cold Old Germany.  It is time to say Thank You for this excellent cooperation with you and your staff and the service you gave us. Believe me, we can say this, because we work with many other persons on the various circuits.

We receive from many riders only positive feed back about the event, the atmosphere, the italian feeling and the restaurant. For shure, the beautiful weather helps us a lot and as I said, the easter events in Germany had all cold weather and some rainshowers….

But this is, why we decide in the past go to Italy for the season opener.  So for 2018 we are back again on easter time from 29. March to 1. April at Franciacorta Circuit. Please book the circuit for Klassik Motorsport again for the fifth time……

Also say to Mr. Bonara Thank You  and have a good time for the rest of the year…..

Best Regards


Mit motorsportlichen Grüßen

Manfred John
Klassik Motorsport e.V.