Anche quest’anno il raduno del Porsche Club Allgau presso il nostro Autodromo è stato un successo. Ecco la lettera di ringraziamento e qualche scatto fotografico

Hallo dear Luca,


wewanttothankyou and yourteamforyourreallyperfect support.


All was better, asthe last years…you was on 7.30 oClock on the track…we

couldusedthe  room  forbreefing and time keeping, theboxeswereperfect…

..yourservice was really professionell…..thankyouveryverymuch.


Many Thanks also on yourteam, on theladies in theoffice, tothemarshals on the track,

themedicalteam…and and and…


Warm regards

Michael fromthe Porsche Club Allgäu